About Us

Safehouse Storage is the first of its kind to offer comprehensive self storage solutions in the Philippines. Safehouse Storage operates under its umbrella company, Panorama Development Corporation , highly regarded in the real estate industry for its warehousing services.

As a pioneering force in the local industry, Safehouse Storage aims to provide more than just storage space; our mission is to offer you self storage solutions that are highly personalized to meet your needs. Unlike other storage services operating in the country, Safehouse Storage does not mix your items with those of other clients. Our tenants have full control over their belongings, and we ensure that your security and privacy are well-protected in our Metro Manila storage facilities.

Our two warehouse for lease in Taguig and Quezon City house a wide range of units in various sizes. We also provide services that complete your storage experience, from trucking and packing your goods, to helping you manage your items efficiently.

If you’re looking for a safe and convenient place to store your property—be it a few pieces of furniture or multiple boxes of confidential business files—don’t just go to any warehouse. At Safehouse Storage, we offer secure, cost-efficient storage solutions tailor-fit to your unique needs, unmatched by any other in the Philippines.